Sunday, August 29, 2010

yes, please

I'd share this on facebook, but I'm friends with my mother there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

broken up

since I've last blogged (well anything original that is), I trained for and ran a marathon. I also started dating someone. that person broke up with me. so hey, life events happened.

life happened--many cherished memories forged. gratitude.

pivoting now. uncertain. friends of 14 months now out of my life and now I'm left to figure out what to make of the near future--I feel like I got pushed into another world, one I don't like as much.

older and ever-there lights shine. europe looms--perhaps january 2012? maybe I'll learn german in the meantime.

psychically, I'm sound as ever, which, as I've thought, is indicated by my not feeling much need to write here--too busy living for time to think about living. I've learned things, things I need to know for the future.

will engage old friends and try to make new ones.

some break up songs: