Monday, July 23, 2007

So why start a blog?

Because it tickles my inner narcissist? I’m not sure if there is a definitive answer as much a myriad of reasons innocent, benign, and/or ignoble.

Primarily, I hope this space will function as a little window into my daily and weekly thoughts. Some may know, from my dozen previous myspace and facebook blog and notes posts, that I dwell on some questions, lessons, and insights long enough that I decide to spend a few hours crafting an essay to distill my ideas and clean up my reasoning. I’d like to do more of it...trouble is, I rarely muster the will to turn my notebook scribbles and Notepad musings into neat paragraphs. Instead, I’d rather post these fetal missives and move on rather than feel overwhelmed by the jumbled “My Thoughts” folder I keep on my Windows desktop.

That said, I have few illusions that I’m anything more than a neurotic novice with a thesaurus. Thus, I’m not naïve enough to believe that most people actually care what I think about the Iraqi war, abortion, Christian education, the New Age movement, etc. What I can promise though (and why would I write this blog if I didn’t at least half-believe it?) is that this blog will be interesting to a few, particularly my friends, who think that I’m interesting or my thoughts worth a read. If you disagree, than you should take that up with my mom or never visit this blog again.

Luckily, I'm a two-trick pony: when I’m not wondering about God, politics, or relationships, I like to think about Kathy Griffin as I dance to Lean Like a Cholo
and I wouldn’t want to deprive my friends of those thoughts. Truth is, I spend more of my time contemplating the flashy and fleeting than I do the grand questions of life—and I enjoy talking about these things as much as anything else I bring up only in more refined company.

What will guide me? What I hope guides me in life: love, honesty, inquiry, and self- and other- awareness.

Bookmark and comeback soon. Thanks.